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Raison d'Ítre


This Site was constructed for a couple of reasons, the first was to put some of the projects I have been associated with over the years under one roof so to speak and the second was to just do another project........ 



A Little About Myself

I was born and have lived in Birmingham all my life and have witnessed many changes, particularly to our manufacturing industry here over the years.

I trained and worked most of my adult life as a telecoms engineer of one sort or another and fitted in all my "real" jobs as and when I could.

I will be adding more topics to the site as time allows.


In the meantime enjoy and feel free to email me with any comments or suggestions you may have, or visit my You-Tube Channel.


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Electric Car

JayDee Guitars


Electrolysis - Hydrogen

Solar Hot Water

Solar PV

PMA - Test Rig




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