Looking at Diesel in a new light

After checking out solar, wind, hydrogen, electric cars etc it may seem a little surprising to now be looking at diesel.

However diesel engines have been with us for over a hundred years, and have a lot going for them.

·         If the fuel is made from a non-fossil feed stock, it is carbon neutral.

·         Because the fuel is very energy dense and a liquid, it can be stored and used anywhere at a moment’s notice.

·         The fuel can be used in existing engines for transport, heating and electricity generation.

·         There is already an existing fuel storage and delivery infrastructure.

·         Waste biomass and various plant oils can be converted and/or blended into a suitable fuel.

·         Current research, cultivating algae with sunlight to produce diesel type fuels looks very promising.  Early results are showing tens to hundreds of times more productive yield than with ”ordinary crops”.

Danesmoor 12 – 14Kw Oil Fired Boiler Conversion 

Over the last few months my long suffering friend Roy Broad and I have converted a Danesmoor 12-14Kw domestic oil fired boiler to run on a waste vegetable oil (WVO ) / Kerosene mix.The boiler incorporates a duel fuel system, 100% kerosene for start up, and a WVO and kerosene mix for running. Various fuel mix ratios have been tried, 66% to 75% WVO seem to burn the most reliably with least smoke.

2  thermostatically controlled heaters have been used in the fuel line to reduce fuel viscosity at the burner.

 7 fans were used to blow air over the radiator to provide space heating in the workshop.

The panel allows control over fuel pre heaters, radiator fans and starter fuel solenoid as well as monitoring various system temperatures.

        YouTube - Video of Boiler Running       YouTube - Video of Filter Process 

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WVO processing / Filtering

 This filter system was put together primarily to supply fuel for my workshop boiler (WVO/Kerosene mix), in due course I intend to convert a diesel car to run on alternative fuel (WVO/Diesel mix).

The system is driven using a 300w pump which is protected with a course 120 micron filter. The WVO is then passed through a 10 and a 1 micron filter, then finally a water trap.

By incorporating a number of valves into the design it is possible to bypass any or all of the filters or to recirculate the oil, or pump it to another container.

The filter housings have pressure gauges which show a rise in pressure as the filter elements get clogged.












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