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This car conversion was carried out by my good friend Roy Broad and myself back in 1991, and was used for commuting to and from work over the next four years.

The donor car was an Austin Metro, with an ex-milk float motor replacing the petrol engine sitting on top of the gearbox. Transmission of power from motor to gearbox was via a very strong racing motorcycle chain, the motor speed was controlled using an electronic circuit of our own design.

Both lead acid and ni-cad batteries were tried to provide the power, and were located behind the front seats. Charging was done overnight utilizing the cheap electricity tariff. Running costs were approximately one penny per mile.

The car was very easy to drive and was much like any other with three pedals and gearlever, the main difference being how quiet it was.

Range 30 Miles - Top Speed 65 MPH - 96 Volt Battery - 1 Penny Per Mile.

                       BBC Film :-     YouTube - My Electric Car Conversion BBC News (1992)

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Electric Car

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