1.4 KW Solar PV





This Solar PV installation consists of 18 Monocrystalline 80 Watt panels, and was completed at the end of June 2010. The work was carried out by my good friend Roy Broad and myself over a few weeks. The panels are fixed flat, and the orientation of the garage is North (Top of Photo opposite).

The panels are paired up in parallel to give a total of 9 units supplying approximately  15 - 18 Volts at 8 Amps or so under full load. Each 160W panel unit can be switched to a 300W grid tie inverter (GTI).

The top left hand side of the power board consists of 9 DC Isolation switches, there is a common DC negative to enable the use of a 100A shunt and Ammeter.

The top right hand side of the power board consists of AC Isolation switch, Total KWh generated meter, Time Switch and Instantaneous Watt meter.

The power board is hinged to provide easy access to the inverter multi block and other wiring.

The last picture is a DIY solar panel - It leaked water, and the idea abandoned.

                            YouTube - 1.4KW Solar PV - Using 9 Power Jack Grid Tie Inverter's  (GTI's)

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